I first met Brianna a few years ago on the beach. There's something really beautiful about this wonderful lady from Colorado. She  is warm, kind and sweet. She has this amazing presence.  Her take on life is magic and I'm so excited to share her beautiful songs and voice with you.

The day we met on the beach Brianna was sitting and playing an ukulele on our common friends birthday. I immediately got so attached to her voice. It is so pure. And so Is she.

Brianna Falcones debut EP Lady of The Lake is coming out early 2016. 

Make sure to visit her website and and follow her on Instagram @briannafalcone get all the updates.

Brianna was my first Fields Of Gold Artist together with Natalie Carol. We had a full moon giving us light and the sunset was magical.

We recorded two songs, "Places You Go" and "Left My Problems"

Stay Gold!